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Wholesale Blends

Need soil for your greenhouse, nursery, or landscape design firm? Looking for larger sized bags of our Retail Blends? If so, we have a line of Wholesale Blends available for you!

All of our Retail Products are available in Wholesale Packaging: plain, white, woven poly 2 cu. ft. bags or 2 cu. yd. super sacks. In addition, we have blends that are specifically sold in Wholesale Packaging.

We are happy to provide quote for custom projects (1 Truck Load Minimum). Private Label opportunities are available as well!

Wholesale-Specific Products

Professional Grower's Blend
  • A very well-drained blend (more drainage than our Container Blend), great for annuals, vegetables, perennials, and tropicals.
  • Designed for use as a greenhouse medium
  • Performs well in large architectural planters too!
  • Contains an 8-4-4 OMRI listed fertilizer, providing 3-4 weeks of nutrients
  • We recommend adding additional slow release fertilizer 3-4 weeks after planting time, or as needed, for best results
  • 100% Organic, NOP Compliant
  • Contains: Coir, pine bark, rice hulls, compost, worm castings, fertilizer

Professional Grower's Blend
Pictured Above: Professional Grower's Blend

Stormwater Blend
  • Uses: Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) projects that require an engineered soil with specific drainage properties
  • Drains well to allow storm water to infiltrate quickly
  • Holds enough moisture to support healthy plant growth
  • Filters storm water pollutants out, allowing resulting run off water to be cleaner
  • Meets Philadelphia Water Department guidelines for GSI projects
  • Used by Pennsylvania Horticulture Society for all downspout planters installed as part of Raincheck Program
  • Contains: Sand, topsoil, compost, biochar

Stormwater Blend
Pictured Above: Stormwater Blend


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Pictured Above: The Porch at 30th St. Station in Philadelphia uses our Professional Grower's Blend