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IT’S ALIVE! How organic soil promotes healthier and more vigorous plants

Attack of the killer tomatoes is probably a stretch here, but growing bountiful, lush, and healthy veggies and flowers is a snap when you use soil naturally enriched with organic matter. Curious to see for yourself? Check out our Summer trials demo video.

When bigger isn’t necessarily better

Since World War II, the trend in agriculture has been to apply the wonders of automation and synthetic chemicals to increase profits. This spawned the age of massive “factory farming” with its heavy dependence on fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides — virtually replacing the traditional small family farm. By the 1950s, the use of these synthetic products crossed over to the consumer market, and purchasing these chemicals in your local garden centers became the norm.

Today, we finally understand the adverse consequences these practices are having on the health of our planet and ourselves. But most importantly, using these synthetic chemicals actually limits beneficial biological growth and prevents a healthy soil foodweb from establishing. This sets up a cyclical dependence on their use, season after season.

In contrast, plants grown in healthy, living organic soil:

• Contain higher levels of nutrients
• Do not employ any harmful chemicals to humans or pets
• Produce edible fruits and veggies that taste better
• Test at minimal or zero pesticide residue levels
• Do not leach harmful chemicals into our ground water supplies
• Is the standard for certified organic producers who follow earth-friendly cultivation and grazing practices

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