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We are locavores, hear us roar!

Our production facility is located in the rolling hills of Chester County, PA just outside of Philadelphia. We consider our regional territory to run from Long Island NY to Washington DC to Columbus, OH. By focusing the prime distribution of our products in this region, we conserve fuel consumption.

In addition, we use only locally made compost produced right here in Chester County, PA to replace a typical ingredient of most potting soils, peat. Using locally sourced ingredients is another intentional way we save valuable fossil fuel consumption.

And, although it seems counterintuitive, we use coconut coir, a renewable ingredient from Sri Lanka in our soils.

Why we do use coconut coir? Here are a few key reasons:

• The coir we purchase is dried and compressed at a 5:1 ratio. This means when we receive one truckload of coir, it is like receiving five truckloads!

• COIR is shipped as a truckload container on a ship carrying thousands of containers, as compared to peat, which would be shipped one truckload at a  time over the road, usually from Canada, burning diesel fuel the whole way.

• When you compare the fuel expended between the two delivery methods, coir comes out as being far more carbon neutral.

• Also, coir breaks down slower than peat, resulting in a longer lasting media.

At Organic Mechanics, “We work on your soil!” ®
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