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Treading Lightly: Earth-Friendly Practices that
Make a Difference

Maintaining a low carbon footprint is a major part of our business mission and vision. Every day, we make the conscious choice to support production methods that are easy on the earth. How do we do this? We use local ingredients, recycled materials, and alternative energy sources like wind and bio-fuels.

We are Locavores
Buying our ingredients locally help to reduce our fuel consumption and emissions from transporting materials.

Alternative Energy
Our warehouse location is heated with recycled waste oil and our equipment runs on bio-diesel.

Premium Ingredients
Virtually all of the ingredients in our products are organic agricultural waste products. We think of these waste products as valuable resources, and blend them together in the perfect ratios to give them new life as high-quality organic potting soil.

Less Watering
Compost-based potting soils, like Organic Mechanics, require less water than conventional potting soils. Watering less means gardeners save time and use less water but still achieve a lush healthy landscape. Learn more on our Water Less! page.

Practicing organic gardening techniques and using organic products in your home garden will help contribute to sustainability on this planet. An organic garden is an earth-friendly garden, keeping children, pets, the environment, and yourself healthier in the long run.

At Organic Mechanics, “We work on your soil!” ®
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