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Practical Organic Gardening book by Mark Highland now available

Practical Organic Gardening: The No-Nonsense Guide to Growing Naturally

by Mark Highland

Get your hands dirty in the garden! Practical Organic Gardening is a comprehensive guide to organic gardening practices - focused on hands-on, up-to-date information and high-quality images.

Nestled within the pages of Practical Organic Gardening sprouts tips on homegrown, healthy edibles and gardening practices that will nourish your family, pets, and beneficial wildlife. Organic gardening isn't just for environmentalists anymore. Interest in organic gardening has soared in recent years as gardeners have become more aware of the quality of their food and the impact of pesticides and chemicals on our world.

organically grown plants on deckThe book starts out strong while setting the stage: Why Organic Gardening? It then progresses into soils, soil amendments and fertilizers before heading into a discussion on water use in the garden. Next up is a review of cultural conditions and growing methods to maximize plant growth and garden health. No organic gardening book would be complete without a chapter on insects and disease pathogens. This book has it and more. Final chapters on lawns and organic container gardening round out the book contents.

Mark HighlandNow is your chance to learn with this comprehensive book! Written by Mark Highland, founder of Organic Mechanics, this is far from a hippie manifesto; it is a scientifically driven, modern-day dive into the organic methods, products, and practices that will appeal to any home gardener looking to make the transition from conventional to organic, or go deeper into understanding how to be an organic gardener. Get your hands on a copy today! Find it at your local bookstore or order direct from Amazon.

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