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At Organic Mechanics, we’re passionate about all natural,
sustainable gardening that provides superior results. That’s why our
soils are 100% organic, made with locally sourced ingredients,
completely peat-free and used by professional gardeners
at arboretums and botanical gardens including
Longwood Gardens, Scott Arboretum,
Chanticleer Garden, and more.

Earth-friendly practices
Being kind to the planet is a core belief
of our company. Our delivery trucks and
manufacturing equipment run on bio-
diesel, we use recycled pallets for
shipping, and we recycle the plastic
received with our raw ingredients.

Try our soil today and you’ll see the
. Improve the quality, yield
and appearance of your plants this
season with Organic Mechanics®
potting soils and soil amendments.
Your plants will love you for it!.

Mark Highland
Founder and President
“The Organic Mechanic”
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